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Campbell commits to Green Party platform

Tigra-Lee Campbell describes herself as being for the people and by the people as she stakes a spot with the Green Party to contest the Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright riding on May 29 in Alberta.

The mother of three is actively involved in assisting the homeless and social issues are close to her heart as she has first-hand experience in addictions and recovery.

“Doing the work that I do in our community and knowing how much advocacy needs to be done – because of the lived experience that I have with being unhoused, being an addict and requiring to depend on certain services – I see every day, people here rely on certain services; I felt like my voice could be used to amplify those needs,” says Campbell.

Campbell is involved with a street team offering support to the homeless. She says the people are getting help from both the Salvation Army and the Olive Tree, but are still having trouble “making ends meet.”

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She says the cost of infant formula and diapers are other challenges that their non-profit encounters.

“If we provided all Albertans – and I feel like this should be used across the nation, if we provided everyone with a universal basic income, then everyone’s basic needs would be met. In turn, that will still be added into the safe and secure communities,” says Campbell.

She adds by funding social services to provide the basic necessities of life, that will reduce poverty, crime, mental health crises and ease the impact on the healthcare system. Also, she connects the lack of public transit across the riding as another hurdle people have to overcome in order to get the help they need.

Staying with healthcare, Campbell wants to see universal healthcare extended to include mental health.

On the question of how the province will pay for the platform that she advocates; Campbell sees the Green platform and safe and secure communities as a cost saving investment.

“We spend millions of dollars on reactionary measures. If we gave people their universal basic income and if we housed people, in the long run that actually saves us money. That’s why we are in the position that we are in right now – especially when it comes to the environmental crisis. We have blinders on. If we take those off and we look at our future, it will save us money in the long run.”

On the issue of planning to build a new hospital in Lloydminster Campbell favours revamping the existing facility. She says upgrade what exists and make it accessible to everyone, especially for those in a mental health crisis.

“Even if we build a new hospital, because of the bi-provincial nature of Lloydminster, certain services are only accessible at that hospital for only Saskatchewan people. If you’re in a mental health crisis, you are shipped off to St. Paul. Building a new facility altogether doesn’t make sense financially when we already have something – regardless of if it’s ageing, we should be able to fix it.”

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Overall, Campbell shares she is excited to be in the elections as she feels Albertans need “a change that encompasses everyone” and she wants to provide that.

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