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Vic Juba staging comedy Improv night

It may surprise you to know that improvisation on-stage has one key rule.

While actor Kevin McDonald quipped that he had forgotten the rules, he pointed out a key facet of the art of improv.

“The one big rule is to not deny anything. Don’t block anything, which means don’t say ‘no’ to anything. If someone comes to you and says, “There’s a snake in your head.” If you say, ‘no, there’s no snake in my head, that ruins everything and things have to start again. There’s dead energy and the audience is uncomfortable,” says McDonald.

So, be prepared to go with the flow and expect the unexpected as the cast members say they will be making it up on the spot.

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The Vic Juba Community Theatre will play host to Kevin McDonald Comedy Night along with the Saskatoon SOAPS Improv Troupe on June 15.

The veteran Kids in the Hall television-series actor says he enjoys working with the Saskatoon SOAPS and is looking forward to renewing their banter on the Ulmer Chev stage at the Vic Juba. The Winnipeg-based actor has just finished writing a comedy rock opera and is taking it on tour.

The Saskatoon SOAPS, Luke Pennock studied theatre in Victoria and Guelph and has been with the SOAPS for about seven-years.

Pennock, who grew up in Saskatoon says one of the things that’s exciting about improv is its unpredictability as they make it up on the stage and collaboratively execute various scenarios.

“Anything can happen in the lead up to it. So, who knows what we will be bringing in by the time we actually get to it. It’s one of the things that’s so exciting about doing improv is that it can really go anywhere.”

Pennock adds a lot of it too is based on audience suggestions.

McDonald and the full cast of the Saskatoon SOAPS will bring their improvisational humour to the Vic Juba Community Theatre on June 15 from 7:30 p.m.

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