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Métis Like Me children’s book now available

Métis Like Me is the title of a new book for children written by Lloydminster’s Tasha Hilderman. 

The picture book came out on April 2 and is the first of four books the author plans to publish over the next few years. 

The book is about children of Métis heritage and non-Métis children as they explore Métis culture. 

“It’s from the perspective of a bunch of different children and how they recognize their culture within the activities that they participate in. And about children who didn’t grow up knowing that much about their culture but being excited and being able to learn about it now. And for all children to share stories, food, and friendship, with Métis people,” says Hilderman. 

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The author explains that the drama revolves around children sharing activities like their joy for beading and making moccasins contrasted with others who may have never beaded or made a pair of moccasins. 

“Maybe they get their moccasins as a gift. Or maybe some children go picking Saskatoons in traditional areas. And other children have never been out picking Saskatoons. Some people have a special bannock recipe that they make.” 

The drama switches up as the child who grew up with the culture shares that it’s not too late, you can participate. So, the children interact and share about Métis heritage. 

Hilderman is Métis on her mother’s side. She says they grew up knowing that they were Métis, but not having connections to other Métis people, and not knowing what it meant. They grew up knowing their father’s Ukrainian heritage. As they grew older, they sought to reclaim and embrace their Métis ancestry. 

The book, Métis Like Me is available everywhere books are sold including Coles and Home Hardware in Lloydminster.

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