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Council to delegate subdivision authority to city manager’s office

A perennial item on the Lloydminster City Council agenda could no longer be making an appearance.

During Monday’s session of council, Councillor Linnea Goodhand brought forward Bylaw 25- 2016, which would see the establishment of a subdivision authority, which would hold subdivision powers for the City of Lloydminster and the power of approval for developments.

According to the council agenda documents, a review was conducted on eight comparable communities, and the establishment of an authority was found to be common practice. The authority would be handed over to the office of the City Manager, who would then have the ability to implement and administer development and subdivision bylaws with council approval.

Goodhand also introduced Bylaw 24-2016, which would allow for the establishment of a Subdivision Development and Appeal Board. If a developer disagreed with the decision of the City Manager on their development application, they could go to the board with their case. Two members of council would sit on the board.

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If both bylaws pass second and third reading, it would mean council would no longer have to sign off on each subdivision application which comes in to the municipal government. However, they would still be in control of zoning authority.

“We gave up some responsibility, but I think we gained some power, if I can put it that way,” said Goodhand.

“At an operational level, we’ve delegated the CAO’s office to review and approve subdivision applications, but we’ve empowered City Council to sit on the appeal board.”

Goodhand said the move to delegate authority would fit better into the role that council plays in the administration of Lloydminster.

“I think it’s a better representation of what council is supposed to do, which is oversee city management, and get out of the way of the day to day operations of city management,” said Goodhand.

“On paper, it looked like we were giving something away, but I think what we gained is more oversight at the top, at the appeal process.”

Goodhand also said she would be happy to not have to read off the list of subdivision applications during council meetings, which she had previously done when applications were on the agenda.

“I think our time as councillors can be put to better use.”

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