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Announcement on Little Pine casino to come in September

New details for the Saskatchewan-side casino project could be coming in September.

While public attention has been focused on recent weeks on the new Frog Lake project announced on the western border of Lloydminster, the casino in development for the eastern section of the Border City has been quietly moving along.

The move to allow a casino to be built was approved by council back in late June, a few weeks before the announcement of the Alberta-side project. At the time, Little Pine First Nation chief Wayne Semaganis described the approval process as a series of hurdles.

He also described the casino as a “hinge” for further projects, and said Little Pine will be hoping to add houses and apartment buildings to the lands in the east end in future, to act as housing for the casino employees. He also said there had been discussion with businesses such as Costco and Peterbilt to do with the southern part of the lot where the casino project will be located.

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A concept plan of the casino outlines two 100-bed hotels, along with a convention centre and “multi-purpose” space included as part of the complex. Semaganis said the name of the project will be the Eagle West Park, encompassing 18 acres.

At the time, Semaganis could not outline a firm timeline for when construction might begin.

“It’ll be a bit yet,” said Semaganis.

“There’s processes that we have to meet with the City, with our engineering people. Whatever permits that we require, we’ll have to get those in place first.”

However, Patricia Cook, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, has given an idea as to when a timeline could become available.

Citing ongoing negotiations with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and the provincial government on amendments to the Gaming Framework Agreement, Cook said a major announcement for the project could be coming in September.

By the end of the month, we’re anticipating that we’ll be ready to go with the next steps of making that announcement,” said Cook.

“In September, sometime, we should have an announcement ready to go.”

Concept art for the casino project has been put up online, but Cook maintained the current images only reflect the concept in mind.

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“That is still a concept, and it’s not a for sure thing yet,” said Cook.

“I can’t tell you one way or the other yet.”

Cook also felt it would be unfair to comment on the Alberta-side project.

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