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Torresan demonstrates opposition to one-meeting bylaw approval

City council operated under a new procedure on Monday.

Council members were no longer required to introduce administration reports, which were instead brought up by City directors and debated by council, prior to any motions being made.

This was a switch from previous practice, which had council members bringing forward administration reports, and debate held on the suggested motion in the report.

While there was a push from council to have the procedure change read into law during the meeting, it was opposed by Councillor Jonathan Torresan, who campaigned on getting rid of the practice of first, second, and third readings in the same meeting.

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“It kind of takes away from the whole purpose of the process, which is to have a sober second look at laws,” said Torresan.

“I treat this the same as you would treat anything else. I know it’s a procedural bylaw that really won’t make any difference at the end of the day, but still, doing what I said I would do is an important thing, so that’s really why I did it. I’m a man of principle.”

Lloydminster mayor Gerald Aalbers said he understood Torresan’s position.

“I give Councillor Torresan full kudos for that,” said Aalbers.

“I understand, and I agree with him. I have no problem with his position, and he stuck to his principles, and that’s what I hope you’re going to see with council.”

Approval of the change will come back to council on December 12.

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