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Travel advisories issued east of Border City

Police are warning travellers about slippery roads east of the Border City.

The Maidstone RCMP detachment issued an advisory on Monday afternoon, warning the public about icy conditions on Highway 16, Highway 21, secondary highways, and rural roads. The ice was due to the warmth of the day, with melting conditions along the roads later being impacted by adverse weather and blowing snow moving in to the area.

The police have asked drivers to take necessary precautions to arrive at their destinations safely, and also advised that the Saskatchewan Department of Highways was working to clear the roads.

“Under the Traffic Safety Act, no-one may pass a snow plow in operation with it’s amber and blue lights activated at a speed greater then 60 KM/HR (including the Highway),” read the statement.

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“These operators have training to pull over every so often to allow the flow of traffic to continue. Fines start at $120 at 10 km/hr over.”

RCMP in Unity issued a similar statement, while advising the public about an accident southeast of Wilkie, Sask.

“Unity RCMP advise that they currently have members assisting the Wilkie Fire Department to reduced traffic to one lane on Highway #14  just South-East of Wilkie as a semi-tractor carrying fuel has rolled due to extremely icy road conditions and wind-gusts,” read the statement.

“Emergency personnel will be on scene while the fuel tanks are unloaded to another fuel truck, and any resulting fuel spillage is properly contained and cleaned up.  It is expected that traffic flow will be slowed for a number of hours as poor driving conditions are impacting the recovery of the fuel-tanker truck.”

The speed limit is restricted to 60 km per hour in areas where emergency personnel are working, while fines will start at $300.


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