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Sips for Summer

“Pick Your Poison” 

Buy the drink of YOUR choice throughout this fundraiser for your chance to win!


  • Find a team of 6 players (people can play more than once on the same OR different teams).
  • Each player pays $30 (total of $180 per team)
  • Half of the prize pool is going towards purchasing gift cards at Chilled and Distilled Liquor and the other half goes to the Kinette Club of Lloydminster-so that they can continue giving back to the Community!
  • Entry cut off date is midnight of June 16th (Wednesday)!
  • Names will be put into the draw as individual entries and picked out as individuals. So long as one team members name remains, your team is SAFE! Once all team names have been pulled, your team is ELIMINATED!
  • Draws will take place the week of June 16th with the final draw being June 28th (Draws: June 18th, 21st, 24th & 28th).
  • All draws will be held at the main building of the Lloyd Exh Grounds and put on Facebook live on the Kinette Club’s Facebook page.

“Be ready to celebrate those hot days of summer!”

***Prize amounts in gift cards from Chilled and Distilled Liquor will be awarded to teams as follows:

  1. 1st Place-50% of ALL proceeds.
  2. 2nd Place-30% of ALL proceeds.
  3. 3rd Place-15% of ALL proceeds.

***The last 5% of proceeds will go to the FIRST team eliminated***

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