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Oil spill cleanup cost compiled

The total cleanup costs from the Husky oil spill have been pegged at $107 million.

The spill took place back on July 21, releasing more than 200,000 litres of oil and solvent, 90,000 of which made it into the river. As the oil drifted downstream, multiple municipalities had to shut down their river water intakes, which led to difficulties for residents along the river in getting fresh water.

According to a report issued by the company in November, the break was due to “geotechnical forces” or ground movement, which caused the pipe to break. An evaluation of the metallurgic state of the pipe concluded the break was a “sudden, one-time event in a section of the pipe that had buckled due to the force of ground movement.”

The total costs of the spill are going to be handled by Husky Midstream Limited Partnership, in which the company holds a 35 per cent interest. Husky also said around $88 million has been recovered through insurance payouts.

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