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Making Sense of the Census

The number of seniors  in Canada has seen the largest jump since confederation and for the first time ever the number of Canadians 65 and older is larger than the number of children but that’s not the case in Lloydminster.

Seniors in Lloydminster on both sides of the border represent eight and a half per cent of the population, while youth aged 14 and under make up nearly 23 per cent.

All of the Prairies appears to be bucking the trend, as not only were they the only provinces with more children than seniors, they’re also the only ones where millennials outnumber baby boomers.

The average age for people in Lloydminster on the Alberta side is 36 and on the Saskatchewan side is 31.2. The median age for people in Alberta has gone down, in 2011 it was 34.5, in 2016 it was 30. While the Saskatchewan side saw the opposite, with the median age making a big jump from 27.9 in 2011 to 38 in 2016.

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Along with the population growth of 3, 606 people that Lloydminster saw, came an increase in the number of people in private households. There were 27, 370 in 2011 and 30, 920 in 2016. The average household size stayed approximately the same at 2.6 on the Alberta side and 2.7 on the Saskatchewan side.

Results for the census can be found on the Statistics Canada website, this article references the numbers for Census Subdivisions (municipalities) for Lloydminster.

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