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Residents Reminded To Stay Safe Outdoors

The Government of Saskatchewan is reminding residents to take safety precautions when outdoors this spring, as black bears and other predators may be moving around to find food and establish a home.

People are reminded that if do encounter a bear, cougar or other predators to keep their distance. Residents are also told not to leave garbage or pet food out as this may attract bears and other animals.

Some bear safety tips listed are:

  • Stay calm and don’t run
  • Make a wide detour
  • Speak softly
  • Calmly back away
  • Don’t look directly at the bear
  • Don’t feed or approach bears or cubs, bears will leave an area if there is no food
  • In most cases the black bear will threaten but won’t attack
  • If you are attacked, don’t play dead, fight back
  • Keep pets on a leash while hiking, off leash animals may aggravate bears

Some cougar safety tips listed are:

  • Stay calm and don’t run
  • Stand-up and make yourself appear large, shout loudly, throw something to distract the cougar, this will signal that you aren’t potential prey
  • Back away and maintain eye contact with the cougar
  • If a cougar does attack, fight back and don’t play dead

The Saskatchewan Government adds that human and cougar conflicts are rare, but it is important for residents to be aware of them.

If you do find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation with a bear or other predator you are advised to contact yout local conservation officer or call the 24-hour Turn In Poachers line at-1-800-667-7561 or from your cell at #5555.

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