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Mayor Says the City Will Assist Best They Can With Flooding

Many residents are still cleaning up after the floods on Friday. Councillors and the Mayor were discussing the issue at the latest City Council meeting, with many thanks being given to the emergency response services such as the RCMP and the Fire Department.

For those affected by flooding, Mayor Gerald Aalbers says there is no current program in place to assist residents but adds that the city will do what it can.

“We’ll assist as best as we can but we’re not in the restoration or flood mitigation business.”

During council it was discussed that this flooding was not serious enough to qualify for disaster relief funds, however Mayor Aalbers urges residents that if they believe they have a serious enough situation to contact their MLA’s.

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If you wish to report a concern or reoccurring flood, the Mayor welcomes it, saying it will help for the future.

“I encourage people if they notice certain things from the cities perspective that we may be able to do, I would encourage them to contact the office.”

He goes on to say, “we can encourage engineering to look at it but do we have an instant solution no, but that’s where we get long term solutions is getting people’s input.”

He adds, “if you have a storm water drain in front of your home and the grates that are there are covered with a little bit of garbage/grass, please help the city out and help clear that away.”

The Mayor says that the city is always looking to make the system better.

“The ongoing process is trying to improve things. Certainly we have a whole network as you can appreciate when it comes to storm water. That’s why we asked for that $2 million levy that people are seeing on their water bills to help address some of those issues.”

Also impacted by the flooding were the street sweeping efforts. City administration said in council that they will complete the current schedule but they will have to re-do areas due to the flooding.

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