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Canada’s 150th Birthday Went ‘Surprisingly Well’ in the Border City

Thousands of people flocked to Bud Miller Park over the weekend for Canada Day Celebrations.

Constable Grant Kirzinger with the Lloydminster RCMP says, “it was great to see so many people come out and enjoy Canada’s 150th Birthday. Things here went great.”

He adds, “there were no issues and we just wanted to thank everybody for listening and following the directions that were given by the staff.”

April McCloud, Recreation Programmer for the BioClean Aquatic Centre says the events, “went really well, surprisingly well actually considering the magnitude of that event. It was great, we had a great turnout, the weather was awesome.”

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McCloud says some of the highlights during the day were the re-vamped Adventure Zone, the aerial acrobatics, and the fly diving demonstrations.

The evening wrapped up a bit earlier than expected this year with fireworks having to be set off early due to weather concerns.

“We had to make the decision to start fireworks about 15 minutes early. It was a good decision, I feel, because at about quarter after 11, we had a good downpour and if the fireworks get the least little bit wet, we aren’t allowed to hold them,” says McCloud.

Looking towards Canada 151, McCloud says, “I want to incorporate something a little bit more for people who don’t necessarily have young children. We have a lot of stuff for families but there’s not very much for people to do who don’t have children or a young family, so that’s something that I want to focus on a little bit more next year.”

McCloud adds that depending on budget and sponsorship they would be looking to have live entertainment again next year.

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