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Mayor Aalbers Reacts to City’s 165 Place Ranking

Mayor Gerald Aalbers ranking of Lloydminster doesn’t necessarily match up with the ranking released earlier this week by MoneySense.

According to MoneySense, Lloydminster is ranked 165; according to Mayor Aalbers, Lloydminster is number 1.

“When you look at other places in the country, the chances of opportunity to grow and have a family here and all of things, the recreation that we offer and heck even the weather. When you look outside and see the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s a great place to live. I couldn’t think of a better place to live then in Lloyd.”

Mayor Aalbers adds, “it’s quite interesting on the different items they used and how they got to that score. Certainly, I realize we’ve had some tough years and our economy isn’t as strong as it has been in the past but we’re pretty resilient.”

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As for our ranking at number 24 for Fastest Growing Cities, Mayor Aalbers says, “were still growing. it’s a great sign, I think it’s a good sign. People have confidence in our city and in the community and in the area. So we’ll continue to see investment going forward.”

Lloydminster also was number 55 on the Lowest Taxes list.

“Certainly there’s a trade off and I’m going to likely catch heck for this one but having the lowest taxes is a good thing, but it’s also a challenge too because we’re not considered at a strong financial position from the city’s perspective.”

He adds, “it would be nice to have some reserves, which City Council will be addressing going forward as we look at things from a budgetary perspective. ”

The list for best cities is made up of 417 places across Canada.

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