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City Finding Efficiencies in Replacing Old Water Meters

As the city begins with radio installation at local properties in order to get monthly water billing in place, the City is also replacing water meters that are over 25 years old. At the Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting, it was brought forward that these two actions could be combined at some homes going forward.

The goal of doing the two at the same time is to save money and reduce inconvenience to residents caused by multiple visits of installing equipment.

“So what we’re going to now do is combine the installation of the new software going on to your existing water meter, with potentially a new water meter as well,” says Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

He adds, “it’s got savings twice over, because A) the people that have to have their water meter update will not be bothered twice by someone coming and making appointments and trying to schedule that in their life and we know everybody’s hectic and busy. So, from that perspective, there will be a huge saving that way. As well, it will free up our city staff from doing that job.”

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An additional $200, 000 would be need to complete this. However, when the contract was awarded to install Advanced Metering Infrastructure, it came in $229, 375 under budget and that money could be used for this project.

For 2018 and 2019, the budget for residential meter replacement would be reduced by $100, 000.

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