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88 New Drivers/Motorcyclists Issued Tickets in June

The results from SGI’s traffic safety spotlight on new drivers for the month of June are in.

In total 88 new drivers and new motorcyclists were issued tickets. This includes 66 learner drivers that were caught driving without a supervisor. As well, 20 tickets were issued for not following the restrictions or riding without the appropriate endorsement and two tickets were issued for not displaying the appropriate ‘L’ (Learner) or ‘N’ (Novice) placard on their motorcycle.

Other tickets from the month of June include 4, 762 tickets for aggressive driving/speeding, 441 tickets for inappropriate or no seatbelt/child restraint and 436 tickets for distracted driving. Of those distracted driving tickets, 307 were for cell phone use.

There were also 376 impaired driving violations in June and 333 of those were charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. This means drivers were over .08 blood alcohol content, failed a standard field sobriety test for drugs or alcohol, or refused a breathalyzer altogether.

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In the news release, SGI reminds motorists to plan a safe ride home.

“There’s no excuse to drive impaired. Spend the night, call a friend of family member to come get you, call a cab or safe ride service, or refrain from drinking at the event altogether. If you choose to drive impaired, you may get a ride in a police car or ambulance instead.”

July is work zone safety month, results from this will be available in August.

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