The Lloydminster RCMP is asking the public not to take investigations into their own hands following an incident on July 22. A ‘Creep Catcher’ had confronted a man and accused him of trying to meet up with a young boy, the man fled the scene and lead to the 22 year old being arrested and charged with criminal harassment, common nuisance and mischief.

Sergeant Sarah Knelsen says, “at no time do we encourage any member of the public to take on this activity on their own, by going out and trying to stop people on their own accord from committing offences in relation to child exploitation. Sometimes this actually hinders a police investigation that is ongoing.”

She goes on to say that the people the ‘Creep Catchers’ go after face the fallout from the videos posted.

“They haven’t been tried in a court, no charges have been laid against them, yet their faces are popping up in the media, on social media and their name is all over the place and of course it’s going to have some negative consequences with them, within our community and the greater area.”

Sgt. Knelsen adds, “we ask that if you have information into any child exploitation case to contact your local police agency and we’ll investigate it from there.”