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3 Term Vermilion Councillor Caroline McAuley Running For Mayor

After three terms as a councillor in Vermilion, Caroline McAuley is now looking to be Mayor.

“I just really saw the opportunity to do some different things in Vermilion, in terms of looking where our direction needs to go over the next four years. So, really focusing on bringing business to Vermilion, that economic development, focusing on some of our seniors housing and also on better communication and partnership,” says McAuley.

The candidate says after years of being not being able to run due to her full time work schedule, she is now able to invest the necessary time since moving to a part time work schedule.

“Over my three and a half terms in council, I’ve been able to see some significant change happen, so bringing water to our community, developing our industrial parks, looking at our whole branding and really now it’s time to move those forward and actually bring that business, support our business sector in Vermilion and really looking at bringing broadband into our community and some of those initiatives,” says McCauley.

She adds, “it’s been an honour to have been on council this long and I really hope that people will look at the work I’ve done in the past and recognize that I have the passion and the vision to bring some of those things into action.”

Election day is on October 16.

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