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Local Woman Receives Bronze Medal For Bravery

Raquel Schreiner is being recognized by the the Royal Canadian Humane Association with the Bronze Medal for Bravery for her actions last year that helped save two people.

Last October, a man and woman were kayaking at Sandy Beach when the woman fell out. The man paddled near her to help her out of the water when she panicked and flipped the kayak, both were stranded in the water without life jackets.

After being told about the situation by her neighbor who had just called 911, Raquel grabbed her kayak and some life jackets. She paddled out to the couple, the man asked Raquel to help his girlfriend first.  When Raquel went to girl, she was unresponsive, Raquel was able to pull the woman out of the water. Rita and Ronald McCaw were also on the water and Raquel transferred the woman to their canoe and then went back to help out the man. Raquel was struggling to bring the man to shore by herself, so the McCaw’s came back out to help her.

“I was really worried that the woman didn’t survive because she was non-responsive when I put her in the canoe and so I thought maybe she had passed away. Actually, all of that time I thought she had died but I was told later she was okay,” says Raquel.

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She adds, “I was trying to concentrate on calming them and making sure they were aware that help was on the way and everything was going to be okay.”

Raquel says her neighbors helped her keep the woman warm while waiting for the ambulance and then also helped her carry the man to the ambulance once he was brought to shore. The couple was transported to the hospital in Lloydminster by ambulance and kept overnight for observation.

“All of the neighbors came together and that’s such a good feeling to know that in the event of an emergency like that, everyone was there, they came together and did what needed to be done to help. I have children and it’s just nice to know that my neighbors are willing to get in there and help.”

The McCaws also received an Honorary Testimonial Certificate for their roles.

“The biggest reward in it all is knowing that the people were okay and they were safe, but it’s definitely a big honour to be recognized for something like that and I’m very appreciative,” says Raquel.

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