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City Reminding Motorists To Drive Cautiously In Winter Conditions

The snow is back and that means so are winter driving conditions. The City is encouraging everyone to drive cautiously.

As for snow removal, Acting Executive manager of Operations Dave Henning says, “we have priority plow routes that we hit first. We have a priority one plow route which entails Highway 16 and Highway 17 and around the hospital. From there we go on to the priority two.”

According to Henning no changes have been made to service plans or to funding from last year.

Henning adds, “for sanding, the response is as soon as we can get out with the equipment and we concentrate on priority routes and school zones.”

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As well, priority one sidewalks and trails will be cleaned within 72 hours, priority two sidewalks will be completed as soon as possible.

Residents are encouraged to slow down, keep a safe driving distance from snow removal vehicles and not to park on marked routes during snow removal. Homeowners/occupants have 72 hours to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks and are asked not to put that on to the roads. If residents have a concern they can report it to the City online.

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