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Council green lights $50K Facilities Corporation operational review

The Facilities Corporation will be looking under every rock at the Lloydminster Golf and Curling Club. City Council has approved providing a maximum of $50,000 in funding to the organization so that they can review their entire organization including staffing levels, planning and budgeting practices.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says they chose to do this because the Golf and Curling Club is a unique business for the community.

“It’s an owned facility corporation by the city taxpayers. It’s gone through a series of management changes and things that have happened. Certainly we’ve discussed the dollars and cents and I think that council certainly wants to make sure we fully understand as well as the board of directors and the staff have the full picture of what’s going on.”

The Club $105,000 deficit this year and the City covered that expense. Aalbers says they want to use this review to make sure residents are getting the best possible service.

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“Is it an endless hole? I hope not and a don’t think anybody wants it to be. No recreational facility in this city runs at cost break even and it’s gonna cost money. The question is how much money for the value that’s received.”

Aalbers adds that the LGCC provides youth programs and the opportunities that it provides to highlight the community are important.

The Facilities Corporation now needs to secure a consultant through an invite process under the City Purchasing Policy.

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