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Primary Care Network providing anti-smoking resources in Lloydminster

The third week in January marks anti-smoking week nationwide. The campaign seeks to educate about tobacco use, prevent people from starting smoking and help them quit if they have started. Many communities see anti smoking initiatives during this time, including Lloydminster.

Primary Care Network Chronic Disease nurse Sarah Laboucane says they provide services year round to help people quit through their “smoking cessation” program, which provides a one-on-one tailored program based on need.

“We work on healthy behaviors. So integrating healthy changes, healthy behaviors whether that be keeping your hands busy because that’s obviously something that’s effected with smoking. We also recommend nicotine replacement therapy and getting patients matched with the appropriate medication use for their quit.”

Laboucane adds that one of the biggest reasons people fall back on smoking is external factors.

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“You find different things, but I would say the biggest one that I see would be stress that brings them back to the smoking. It’s a coping mechanism to handle stress.”

People interested in joining the program must get a referral from an Alberta registered doctor and then can be booked for an appointment.

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