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Less of a headache now that plate ban is over: LCA

The Lloydminster Construction Association says business will be “less of a headache” after the Saskatchewan Government lifted their Alberta plates ban on highway and infrastructure programs.

The ban was lifted just twelve hours before the time the Saskatchewan Government had to collect evidence of discriminatory practices was set to expire. In a letter Saskatchewan Economy Minister Steven Bonk says they have suspended the ban.

Lloydminster Construction Association President Cody Bexson says the Saskatchewan Government didn’t think of the impact the ban would have.

“We kind of knew that more fishy than it was actual realistic as far as what they could do to try and impose this license plate thing. I’m not really surprised, I actually thought it would have come sooner.”

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In his letter Minister Bonk says that the ban is a show of good faith, and also made mention of the import-export issues in regards to out of province beer coming into Alberta. Bexson says he believes this may have been a contributing factor in the license plate ban.

“I think part of this was to just try and make awareness of that and I think Saskatchewan was looking for the opportunity to have some of those taxes removed.”

Alberta Trade Minister Deron Bilious has said the meeting between the two governments in Lloydminster is still happening January 31st. Bexson says the Lloydminster Construction Association will continue to be a part of these discussions in the future and show the impact two provinces rules have on the city.

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