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Lloydminster property destroyed by renters

A Lloydminster home has been left damaged and beyond repairs after renters were evicted.

First time landlord Ashling Bracken rented out her home to a family for over a year and during that time her home was completely destroyed.

The first sign of trouble came after she got a call from her water company saying the water has been shut off for non payment.

“I gave him 24 hour notice and I went and had a look and he just said that they were not in Lloyd and they just forgot about the bill and they’ll pay it up. The house was damaged a bit.”

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She then gave the tenants 30 days to fix the property, eventually an eviction notice came, but the tenants refused to leave. After a week, the tenants had left and Bracken found her house in shambles.

“The house was just destroyed. They left everything like they left ripped up couches, they left a cat behind. They spray painted doors.”

The Residential Tenancies Act is not black and white, most breaches of the Act depend on the situation. In the case of repair the law states that if any damage is caused to the property it should be repaired by the tenant. In Bracken’s case that did not happen.

She then decided to post on the Lloydminster Facebook groups to warn landlords.

“My intention was to try and find the next landlord and give him a heads up because I don’t want anybody to go through what I was, like it’s horrible.”

Bracken has received help form a local construction company, KaeBrook Construction. They have volunteered their time to fix up her home.


Bracken’s post- via Facebook.
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