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Lloydminster RCMP providing tips to lower collision numbers

Saskatchewan has seen the lowest number of traffic deaths in over six decades.

Recent statistics show that there have been 102 deaths recorded in the province in 2017, which is a decrease form last year’s 125 deaths.

Lloydminster RCMP Constable Grant Kirzinger says that there are a few collisions during the year more so in the winter months because of road conditions.

“We don’t have many fatalities inside of the city due to speed. However, it is something that does happen from time to time and there was a fatality recently.”

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Kirzinger did not divulge the details of the fatality, but did say speed was not a factor. He adds that there are various reasons why people get involved in collisions and that there is a distinction to be made between collisions and accidents.

“Some of them are due to inattentiveness, whether you’re paying attention to a phone, eating food or paying attention to a kid in the back. Those aren’t accidents, those are decisions not to pay attention to the road itself.”

February is distracted driving month and laws in recent years clamping down on distracted driving are being recognized by both Saskatchewan and Alberta.

“Ones that prohibit the use of cellphones or other electronic devices. Even to the point where in Saskatchewan you can’t be holding your cellphone, doesn’t have to be on or you using it.”

Kirzinger adds that paying attention to the road, ignoring distractions and adjusting your driving to match road conditions are all ways to prevent collisions.

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