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Lloydminster SPCA on keeping your pet safe in the extreme cold

Lloydminster has been experiencing cooler temperatures lately that are not only impacting residents, but also our furry friends.

Lloydminster and District SPCA Executive Director Jon Punshon says that when weather gets this cold pets should stay indoors for the most part.

“Minimize the amount of time that the pet is actually spending outside. Really just letting them outside for the bathroom breaks is the most that you ideally should be letting them out.”

Pets should also be dressed accordingly to match weather conditions. Punshon recommends getting dogs booties and coats so they are protected.

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“People don’t realize that dogs don’t have hair around their nose and such so that’s the same as us walking outside without anything covering our face. If the wind exposure is high that can result in frost bite in a few moments for us as humans and the same applies for dogs and cats.”

There are animals who have high energy and like the outdoors, in that case Punshon says keeping the pet mentally occupied when inside is most important so they don’t get restless.

The Lloydminster SPCA currently has 40 animals available for adoption and over 68 in care.

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