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City approves BAR Engineering Co. to make street upgrades

Lloydminster is looking at improving city streets and roadways as part of the 2018 Street Improvement Program.

There are three main components to the project including street improvement, concrete sidewalk and asphalt trail improvement programs. Within these programs the city will repair miscellaneous curbs, intersections, turning lanes, roadways and gutter repairs.

City council has secured BAR Engineering Co. of Lloydminster as its engineering team for the project at a cost of about $286,500.00. They were one of six engineering firms bidding for the job and Mayor Gerald Aalbers says council chose them after looking at what the money the city is spending is going towards.

“Each engineering firm had a slightly different perspective on what they thought they could offer. We tried to find the best ground for the best dollar that’s going to ensure our project is looked after on time and hopefully on budget.”

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Street improvements will be done to the following:

  •  23 Street from 52B Avenue to 56 Avenue
  • Select sections along 27 Street from 47 Avenue to 54 Avenue
  • 36 Street and 47 Avenue Intersection
  •  41 Street from 47 Avenue to 50 Avenue Service Road East
  • Select sections along 45 Avenue from 27 Street to 33 Street
  • 46 Avenue from 27 Street to 32 Street
  • Select sections along 49 Avenue from 29 Street to 57 Street
  • 50 Street from 55 Avenue to 58 Avenue
  • Select sections along 51 Avenue from 32 Street to 63 Street
  • 57A Avenue from 27 Street to 31 Street
  • 63 Street from 51 Avenue to 53 Avenue

Aalbers says that he would like construction to begin as soon as the frost is out of the ground.

“We want to get our road paving, we want to get trails work, water work done as soon as possible rather than leaving it into that September window even October because the later we go in the fall with mother nature we have no control over.”

The city has allocated $4 million in the budget to the Street Improvement Program.

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