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70 Alberta properties in Lloydminster still owe taxes

Properties on the Alberta side within Lloydminster are working with the City to make payments before getting registered for possession.

The City’s Assessment and Taxation team is working on preparing for the Alberta possession of property registration at the end of March. Currently, there are 70 properties that owe money on their property for more than a year. Councillor Jonathan Torresan says that there are still outstanding arrears on properties that the City is working with to make payments before possession.

“We don’t want anyone to loose their home. At the end of the day we’re trying to improve people’s quality of life and not take away from their quality of life.”

Last year, there were six Alberta properties registered for possession and this year the City is expecting around 15 to 25. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says it’s not in the City’s best interest to sell resident’s properties.

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“If a mortgagee is involved basically a lender, they’re not in the position of having that land sold by public sale. So they’ll ensure that the arrangements are made to ensure the taxes are paid.”

The City says that there are only two properties remaining from last year’s registration list that are due for another tax enforcement. The registration list for possession has to submitted to the Registrar by March 31.

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