Alberta experiences more than 60 vehicle thefts per day, which accounts for about 29 per cent of all vehicle thefts in Canada.

Statistics Canada released a recent survey that found 23,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the province. Lloydminster RCMP Constable Grant Kirzinger says it’s something they see often in Lloydminster.

“Something that unfortunately we see quite regularly, especially with larger pick up trucks and inside of the City we do see quite a few people leaving their vehicle unlocked. As well with their keys inside the vehicle making it very easy for individual to steal them.”

Kirzinger adds that the best way to protect yourself from getting your vehicle stolen is to lock your car and not leave it running, especially with the keys inside.

The Lloydminster RCMP have been part of the “Lock it or Lost it” campaign put on by AMA in the past, which encourages drivers to take simple steps to protect themselves. However, this year Kirzinger says they are focusing on a different project that hasn’t been released yet, but will engage the community.