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City reminding residents to play safe on the ice after scary incident

The City of Lloydminster is reminding residents to be careful on the ice after a “scary situation” at Bud Miller Lake.

This week a Lloydminster resident reported to the city that her son had fallen through a waist deep eastern edge of the lake. The boy was unharmed, and the resident says she has been in contact with the City about the incident. Communications Director Leo Pare says that the City is aware of what caused the break through and it is only in that small section of Bud Miller Lake.

“The ice on the lake is still very thick, in excess of 36 inches thick still. The incident mentioned is a result of some water that was introduced to the ice from some hoses that our staff were draining near the east edge. It found it’s way under the snow, made it to the edge of the ice and kind of compromised the ice in that very small area.”

Pare adds that even though the majority of Bud Miller Lake’s ice is still safe to be on, residents should should keep an eye out for signs in areas that tell them to stay off the ice and to stay off retention lakes entirely. In the meantime, Pare says they will continue to monitor the ice as usual.

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“We’re pretty confident that the ice is going to be okay for a little while yet, but every year we have our protocols and things like that where we go through as the weather warms, and ultimately when the ice does start to deteriorate we’ll be posting signage around the area, and will be issuing public information as well ensuring people stay off the ice.”

Pare also thanks the resident for bringing the issue to the City’s attention, and anyone who has information on the structure of the ice is asked to call City Hall at 780-808-8400.

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