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New poll suggests farmers among the list of positively viewed professions by Canadians

Insights West, in a new poll, found that more than four-in-five Canadians have positive views on farmers, veterinarians and teachers.

The poll found that 88 per cent of Canadians viewed farmers positively, 86 per cent for teachers and 82 per cent had positive views of veterinarians.

Firefighters and nurses topped the list of the most respected professions with nine out of ten Canadians agreeing. Human Resources Specialist for Jetstream Personnel Consulting in Lloydminster Tina Burton says that she is surprised at who topped the list this year, especially since Lloydminster has not seen an increase in jobs in those industries.

“Now we haven’t done a lot of placement in a lot of those industries other than we have done some farming and some agricultural placement.”

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The poll concluded that lawyers, politicians and realtors were seen in a less positive light than other professions. Burton says that people question politicians in a general sense so that was expected.

In Lloydminster, the agriculture and oil sector rules the job market in most cases. Burton says that the industry has picked up in the last year on the administrative side with data entry and finance positions becoming available.

“We have had some operator type roles within the oil and gas industry and then from an employer perspective, on the flip side is that they are the ones who are looking for these folks to fill those types of roles.”

Jetstream is an employer driven consulting agency that has seen an increase of employers looking for staff in the City. Burton says employers are looking for more experienced workers with a strong work ethic.

“We are finding it a little bit more competitive to get good quality people, where a year ago we probably had more options and sometimes people are in jobs and you’re trying to lure them your way.”

The poll was based on an online study completed by Canadians in the beginning of March.

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