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New updates to City traffic rules could see an increase of fines

Updates to Lloydminster’s traffic laws could mean an increase of fines for traffic violations.

If passed, the new Traffic Bylaw will increase fines for truck drivers who use engine retarder brakes within City limits. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says he wants to make sure that the laws surrounding Jake brakes are not too prohibited, but still regulated within the City.

“We got to make sure that people realize that they can’t use their Jake brakes driving through the City and there’s residential areas adjacent to hotels along the highway, so we need to send a message that way.”

For the first offence the fine is $300, the second offence within a year of the first offence is $1,000 and the third offense within a year of the second offence is $5,000.

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Aside from the increases, there has also been some notable decreases to fines involving parking such as parking a trailer on a roadway for more than two days and parking a vehicle on a road for more than three days that could see fines go from $75 to $50. Aalbers says when looking at traffic fines they need to be high enough to deter people from violating the laws.

“We had a case where some of the fines actually came down a little bit and we asked the question if you’re parking in front of a fire hydrant, that’s not a great place to be parking and we want to deter that completely.”

Some other noteworthy changes include, adding a fine for cyclist who choose not to wear a helmet of up to $50 and people who cross a roadway that is not a designated crosswalk will be fined an extra $40-$45.

Council has sent the bylaw back for more information before a decision can be made.

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