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Lakeland MP hoping to begin definitive actions on rural crime with bill

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs is hoping that her new bill M-167 will take a stand on rural crime.

The bill was introduced at the end of March. If its approved, it would immediately have the The Federal Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security focus on rural crime, and will aim for recommendations for police and government within six months.

Stubbs says this bill is designed to foster concrete changes and ease the problems for residents and business owners affected by increases in rural crimes.

“I hope what will happen is a very in depth assessment from rural communities where rural crime is the most acute and the most significant, along with testimonies from rural crime associations, from citizens on patrol, from people who are involved in buddy systems to protect their property and their neighbors property. As well, the RCMP, municipal and Indigenous police forces.”

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Stubbs adds that this plan, if passed, could check the effectiveness of rural crime plans already in place, such as the one annouced by the Alberta NDP.

“It’s perfect timing actually. If the House passes this motion, then the public safety committee can will be able to assess whether announcements like 10 million dollars and 39 extra RCMP officers is actually making a measurable difference in addressing rural crime and protecting vulnerable and innocent citizens.”

Stubbs adds that this will also check the impact and effectiveness of the Saskatchewan Government’s rural crime announcement and the Federal Government strategies on crime as well.

So far, there has been an agreement between the Conservatives and the Federal NDP, who say they will support the motion. Stubbs says she has heard from some Liberal MPs from urban centre on the bill, but not a lot from Liberal MPs from rural ridings. She encourages people in these ridings to get in touch with their MP so that the bill gets a majority vote.

Voting on the rural crime bill is expected May 23rd.

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