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Lakeland professor providing tips to reduce carbon footprint

This year’s Earth Day is focused on ending plastic pollution that affects our land and water supply.

The global event that sweeps countries around the world is drawing attention to issues that impact our environment and 2018 is no different with the focus turning to reducing single use plastics.

Program Head of Renewable Energy and Conservation Program at Lakeland College Rob Baron says that a lot of plastics are finding their way into our water supply then into the oceans and becoming an ever accumulating problem.

“For the most part all the plastic that’s ever been manufactured is somewhere in the environment. Even if it breaks down and degrades it remains in smaller and smaller pieces in our environment, in our landfills and everywhere.”

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There are ways that people can reduce their carbon footprint, even if that means doing little things such as shutting down your laptop for a day. Baron says that conserving energy starts with habitual things that people do everyday.

“Keeping your heating temperatures in the building, keeping them a little lower and maybe turn them down at night. Insulation, good quality windows in a building, but a lot of it can be things like turning the lights off when you leave the room.”

Earth Day is happening Sunday.

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