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City working to create most effective cannabis plan: Aalbers

Cannabis legalization has been a hot topic in Lloydminster, according to Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

The legalization law is currently making it’s way through Canadian Senate voting, and many provinces, including Alberta and Saskatchewan, have already released framework and rules for legal pot.

Being that Lloydminster is in two difference provinces, the City will have to keep in line with two different sets of laws. Mayor Aalbers says they are trying to make sure that the city works with all these different plans, but is still effective for residents.

“We can’t create laws that override the provincial or federal laws. People have asked ‘Why?’ It’s a federal law that we have to comply with. From a provincial perspective, the provinces have set their respective ages and I respect them for the decisions they’ve made. It just makes it very interesting. Things are different on both sides of the border regarding several items. We’ll make it work, we always have and we’ll continue to do that.”

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Aalbers says City Council is keeping on the pulse of news and reports surrounding cannabis, as well as hearing from residents and business owners alike to further the City’s plan when legalization does happen.

“We’re waiting to get our bylaws sorted out so that retailers know where to set up their business, because without knowing where someone can establish a business and the rules around that, you can’t just simply plan to go forward with that. We’re trying to do our part so that business in the community who want to establish themselves in the community can certainly do that.”

The City is taking time to talk to residents before making a complete framework, such as at events like Thursday’s “Your Voice” night and through their cannabis survey.

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