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Property crime increases by 5 per cent in Lloydminster for 2017/18: RCMP report

New survey results indicate that property crime has increased by 5 per cent, as well as vehicle theft in Lloydminster from 2016/2017.

In spring of 2018, Lloydminster RCMP and the City created a public survey in an effort to hear residents thoughts on policing needs in the community. There was a total of 302 responses for the survey, along with other sources of information such as crime trends and discussions with business groups. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says that the downturn in the economy plays a role in the increase of vehicle theft.

“I think that’s a direct reflection of the economy, as well as peoples needs. So if they’re looking for money vehicle theft and breaking into vehicles is one of the easier items that they seem to target.”

According to the results, drug trafficking decreased by 10 per cent, whereas police visibility went up that includes bike and foot patrols. The biggest increase by far is in traffic enforcement with 82 per cent. Aalbers says that police visibility plays a role in the increase of traffic enforcement.

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“If someone is transporting illegal substances or have stolen goods, the RCMP are very observant that’s their job. They might notice why you might have four toolboxes in the back of your car that are half open and have come from somewhere you shouldn’t have come from, things like that. So when they’re out doing traffic the visibility that’s the important part because people feel safe if you see an RCMP officer.”

The survey also finds that 18 per cent of Lloydminster residents feel unsafe, however Aalbers reassures people that RCMP are doing a great job.

“I know that if you’ve been a victim of crime, you feel violated. Certainly, if you’re vehicle’s been stolen, your house has been broken into, your vehicle’s been broken into, I’ve had that experience it’s not a very nice experience. If you ask me that day do I feel safe, no I wouldn’t but on an average day I believe that 18 per cent would be a little lower.”

The RCMP will focus on property crime, drug trafficking, traffic enforcement, police visibility, crime reduction and employee wellness for the 2018/2019 survey.

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