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Hazardous waste poses environmental risk if not thrown away properly: City

The City of Lloydminster is warning residents that not disposing of hazardous waste properly could pose major environmental risks.

Hazardous waste is garbage that cannot be thrown out in regular ways, and includes paints, medications, aerosol cans and pesticides, among others. Senior Manager of Waste Services Karen Dela Rosa says these items, if not disposed of properly, can pose serious risks.

“It can cause contamination of the soil, on the waterways, so that’s why these products are specfically disposed of a in a certain manner.”

In an effort to make sure that hazardous waste is thrown away correctly, the city is having a “Hazardous Waste Roundup” May 5th at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds, and residents can drop off household waste there.

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Dela Rosa says there are other options, including a curbside pickup that residents can call for anytime before 6 p.m. Friday, May 4.

“Some of the hazardous waste we do take at the landfill year round, like paints, aerosols, gycols and oils. The other stuff that [the landfill] can’t take like fertilizers and medications, they would have to store for another year, until next year’s round up. Or they can contact a hazardous waste person to come and get them.”

Dela Rosa adds that this hazardous waste roundup is strictly for residential amounts of waste. People looking to get rid of commercial and industrial quantities should call the Lloydminster Operations team.

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