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Street sweeping in the border city kicking off

Lloydminster is starting street sweeping for this year, and the City says residents can help make it a smooth process.

Weather permitting, the City will begin sending out sweeper units Monday, which will do rounds in residential areas during the day. At night the crews will move into other areas. The process will cover a different zone over the span of the week.

Director of Transportation Services Dave Henning says that residents will see signs in their area  at least 36 hours before a street sweeping. People can track it on the city’s website.

“The zones are the same as the garbage pickup zones. This year we’ll be starting in pink, moving to orange, blue, and then finalizing in green.”

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The City does the process to minimize debris entering storm-water collection systems, get rid of dust and provide clean roadways for people. Henning says residents can do a couple things to help the process run smoothly.

“During those times if they can park in the driveway and leave the street as accessible to the sweepers as possible that would be great. We sweep from 6 A.M to 10 P.M. in residential.”

Henning adds that people should stay at least eight meters away from the sweeping equipment if possible at all times.Anyone with questions about the street sweeping is encouraged to get in touch with the City.

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