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How to prepare your pet for an emergency: SPCA

Emergency situations can happen anytime and anywhere, which is why the Lloydminster and District SPCA is reminding pet owners to have a emergency kit ready.

Pet emergency kits should have the essential such as food, water and a first aid kit. Executive Director Jon Punshon says supplies in the kit should last up to three days and should also include some of your pet’s favourite things.

“To help reduce their stress it’s recommended that you have a blanket, a favourite toy, something that has familiar scent to it.”

Some lesser known items to include in your kit are the pets medical records, a photo and their medication.

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“The photo is important in the event that you do get separated you can show what your pet is and it’s easy for rescue shelters to reunite if you’re pets gets separated from you,” says Punshon.

The SPCA does provide emergency decals that go on the front door to let people know how many pets are in the home as another prepardness measure. It is also recommended that all pets have some sort of identification whether that be a pet licence or microchip. Punshon adds that the SPCA does have a Pet Emergency Registry that is free to use.

“In the event of an emergency it is accessible online. So what we can do is access that and we know if there are first responders in the area and we can inform them that there are pets in certain homes.”

For more information about emergency preparedness visit the SPCA’s website.

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