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City approves new Substance Use Policy

A new policy will ensure City workers have a safe working environment.

On Monday, City Council approved new rules surrounding the use of illegal substances for employees. The policy lays out the types of substances that are banned, as well as when drug testing is acceptable to take place.

City Councillor Michael Diachuk says the City’s goal is to provide a clear understanding of what is an illegal substance at the same time providing a healthy working space for everyone.

“It specifies which substances are illegal, so any presence at all automatically puts you in the impaired category and specifically we say you should not and cannot because it is illegal to be ingesting illegal substances.”

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The policy will follow the same standards set by the Criminal Code of Canada’s around impairment. However, as cannabis becomes set to be legal the City will adjust to the rules to follow the Criminal Code.

“I think once we begin looking at cannabis and the number of milligrams and the like around impairment I think that’s going to be a work in progress and we’ll default to whatever the national standards are,” says Diachuk.

The new legislation passed will repeal the current Drugs and Alcohol Use policy.

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