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East Drainage Channel to see upgrades

Upgrades to the East Drainage Channel are underway with the City requesting services from an engineering firm. The channel will see updates made from Lake J to Lake K, which services mainly southern areas of Lloydminster.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says anything they can do to enhance the movement of water in the City will help prevent any future flooding.

“Our City does not have the greatest drainage so we have to enhance that, so that’s why we have drainage canals, we have culverts. Having control structures in place to make sure that we manage that water to the best of the ability.”

In previous years, the channel from Lake J to K has seen some flooding due to a rain event and during harsher rain falls Lake K does go through stresses because of the lack of control structures around the channel. Aalbers says it will take time and money, but the project is necessary.

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“In one case we have a gathering spot rather than a lake that’s truly designed for that, that’s where we need to do some engineering and some work. It’s gonna cost some money as usual, but at the end of the day it will add value to every resident in this City.”

Any culvert crossing along the channel will be looked at to see if they also need to be upgraded. The City is expecting the channel to be ready for construction in 2019.

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