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City continues cannabis legislation talks for retailers

Legislation around cannabis business licences in Lloydminster continue to be a topic of conversation for City Council.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says the proposed bylaw is still going through some changes before it can be finalized.

“We have one business licence bylaw, I think that’s what’s important. There have been amendments to that business bylaw proposed and I think what’s going to happen is Council is going to deal with another amendment to that business bylaw in another category and another category.”

Currently, the City expects to collect $4,500 in cannabis retail fees and $12,000 for alcohol with the bylaw. Aalbers says the community is pro-business and if someone wants to open up a cannabis store in the City they have to go through the process provincially, as well as meeting City bylaws.

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“It’s a federal law that’s brought cannabis to the community. There are provincial regulations and processes that are in place to determine the number of retailers. We’re simply, at the bottom end of the string making sure that the citizens receive an equal, fair and safe representation of the business community.”

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority has already approved two cannabis retail permits for the Saskatchewan side of the City, while the Alberta side is continuing the permit process.

Aalbers says liquor stores are a perfect example of the model both provinces have set out for cannabis legislation, with one liquor store on the Saskatchewan side and around 20 on the Alberta side.

“Saskatchewan choose one model Alberta choose a different model, I don’t know which model is correct, but we’ll find out with time. I’m sure Saskatchewan will be very interesting watching that unfold with 52 locations across the province versus on the other side.”

The current proposed changes include adding an additional business licence fee of $750 for cannabis, alcohol and tobacco retailers, as well as casinos. The City will continue to makes changes to the business licence bylaw in Council.

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