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Fire Department looking to purchase new pumper truck

The Lloydminster Fire Department is looking to replace their current pumper truck with help from the City.

The current 1994 truck is at the end of its 25-year lifespan and is need of replacing according to the Fire Department. The replacement will ensure that the firefighters have a reliable fleet of equipment to tackle any fires in the City. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says having equipment that is reliable is critical.

“When people see a fire truck they can’t tell you if it’s a 1997 model, 2007 or 2017 because they’re bright and shiny, but at the end of the day there is a lifespan to everything.”

The truck being proposed by the department will be mobile, unlike their current model. Aalbers says most people don’t realize that in an urban setting fire trucks can’t drive and pump at the same time, however, the new truck will be able to do so.

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“So if we had a grass fire at Bud Miller Park that got way out of control we would actually be able to fight it with the new truck, where currently we would have to stretch hoses position another truck, stretch hoses and position another truck.”

The City will be paying for the total cost of the truck that is expected to be $472,036.00. The truck is a budgeted item and the City will pay 10 per cent down payment this year and the rest of the costs in 2019.

“It’s something that we plan and budget for on a regular basis, as the Fire Chief alluded to it’ll be a while before we replace the next one and that’s what we do and it’s an ongoing process. This is the year that it hurts a little bit and it hurts even a little more next year, but we’ll budget for it and plan for it accordingly.”

The truck will be purchased from Rosenbauer of America and will include off-road capabilities, onboard firefighting foam, ability to effectively fight fast moving grass fires and a fire pump with a four stage high pressure pump.

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