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“For the Interval” store asking for feedback on potential new service

A new consignment service is being considered by “For the Interval” store as another way to raise funds.

The store has put up a two-minute long survey to see if there is enough interest in the community to provide a consignment service that will see more high-quality products offered in the store. Social Enterprise Manager Tara Lawrence says the reason for the survey is to determine if there is a market for the service.

“If there is interest, what types of items people think or would be interested in selling. We’ll take that information and we’ll make a determination based on our space and our staffing what we’re able to offer.”

The seven-question survey addresses the usefulness of a consignment service, how often would it be used and how likely someone would donate items if they could make a profit. Lawrence says that the service will help people sell items that are no longer of use to them and for the store to increase funds for their programs.

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“People would be able to put things for sale that they feel are too high value to donate directly and we would take a portion of the sale price as our contribution for hosting it for them and then they would have access to the customers that come into the store.”

As the fundraising arm for the Interval Home, the store will look at taking 10 to 50 per cent of the consignment items sold. In the survey, there is a question that addresses the fair amount of profit the store should take.

Lawrence says they are still in the decision-making process, but if there is enough interest they will start off with selling a few items and go from there. People have until the end of June to fill out the survey.

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