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LTA to upgrade Bud Miller tennis courts lighting

The Lloydminster Tennis Association (LTA) is proposing new LED lighting for the tennis courts at Bud Miller Park.

In the proposal, the association will be fundraising to purchase lighting for all six tennis courts through sponsorships. LTA will work with the City to secure naming sponsorships of the facility, the courts and the light poles.

City Councillor Jonathan Torresan says the association brought them an issue, as well as a solution with covering the cost of the upgrades.

“It’s really a win-win, where they can get the higher quality of lighting and it’s not gonna be something that’s gonna fall on tax buyers back so it’s totally funded by this program.”

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The total cost of the project is $71,500 with LTA contributing $30,000 towards the project. The costs will be for sponsorships and naming rights. The association is suggesting to secure $86,500 in sponsorship and in the first year, $41,500 of the money will be used for the lighting replacements.

The tennis courts are a City run facility, but Torresan says the City will have a limited role in the project.

“The City is really just gonna be on the side of administering the advertising contracts and that’s going to be a relatively small role in the grand scheme of things because we’re not having to go out and find advertisers, the tennis association has brought them to us.”

The LTA is requesting to fully manage the project, while still meeting City standards.

The goal of the project is to provide high-quality lighting for all the courts and the association will do this by retrofitting the existing lights with LED units, as well as adding LED lighting for the two new courts.

“There’s going to be LED lighting upgrades that are going to provide a lower operating cost for this facility, improved conditions for the facility and it’s going to cost my best guess a few thousand dollars, but administration gonna give that number to us when they present the item at an actual council meeting,” says Torresan.

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