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City looking into several sewer and stormwater projects

Lloydminster is looking into upgrading sewer and stormwater infrastructure for long-term benefit.

The sanitary sewer system in the Larson Grove neighbourhood is on the list of upgrades. The line runs along 36 Street and improvements will reduce the amount of surcharged during storms, as well as increase the overall capacity of the system.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says for the past two years, there have been issues with flooding in the Larson Grove area and any work to improve that is part of the city’s master plan. The project is being tendered for engineers to do work over the next year and will be put into next year’s or 2020’s budget for $300,000.

Another issue the city has been dealing with is the control structures at the Neale Edmunds Stormwater Management System. Aalbers says the city’s and the surrounding counties stormwater is filtered through the system before it goes into the North Saskatchewan River.

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“We work with the county’s with the County of Vermilion River we take water from them, we take water from the RM of Britannia and the RM of Wilton that drains into that basin so it’s important that those projects are looked after.”

Currently, the city is working with landowners in the area of the two control structures that will be updated to establish a construction plan. The project is expected to take place this fall and is budgeted for $650,000.

Also, affecting the North Saskatchewan River is the River Intake Dam that controls the city’s raw water. There have been issues with sand and sediment buildup in the structure since the dam was constructed.

Currently, the city only runs one pump and every three weeks has to backflush the system to make sure there is a minimal amount of sand in the system. If the issues get worse the city may not be able to take water from the river for up to five days.

Aalbers says by doing these projects they are being proactive with residents needs.

“Everything works well, everybody gets their fresh water at the tap and their toilets flush, but if we don’t look after the long-term needs of the community we will be in a position that one day it may not work the way we want it to.”

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