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City considering joining Inter-City Forum on social policy

The city is considering joining an Inter-City Forum on social policy. The roundtable meetings give municipalities the opportunity to seek knowledge around the development of social policies.

“If you’re not at the table than you really lose the opportunity to advocate,” says Councillor Michael Diachuk. “The part that appealed to me about the committee is that it’s not 100 people at the table. There’s roughly 20 at the max, which really gives the opportunity for individual cities to have time to present their needs.”

In addition to cities taking part, the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta, the Alberta Urban Municipal Association and staff from Human Services participate. In the past, Alberta Ministers such as the Minister of Seniors and Housing, Minister of Finance and the Associate Minister of Health have all made appearances during the meetings.

Everything from cannabis legislation to access to programming is discussed with other cities. Diachuk says if Lloydminster does join they have their own list of priorities that they will bring forward.

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“A priority for the city around housing is one of them. Secondarily, I think if we looked at industry and economic development that’s another piece. Are there partnerships, are there opportunities where we as a city can grow and influence provincial direction.”

There is no membership fee associated with joining, however, there is a hosting cost that is shared with the other cities. The proposal will be back in a future council meeting for a final decision.

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