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City continuing to look for funds for Wastewater Treatment Facility

The city is continuing to look for government funding to build the new Wastewater Treatment Facility. The $80 million plant currently has $9 million secured in funding.

“Our full intent and my intent as the mayor is to continue to secure as much funding as we can for the wastewater treatment plant and I won’t give it up until the very last breath.”

Aalbers says they are looking to secure $50 million in government funding and the city will contribute $30 million. City council has already approved a $40 million borrowing bylaw, which gives the city more option if funding doesn’t come through.

“It’s the largest amount of money I believe the city council has ever borrowed and when the $80 million project gets announced it’ll likely be the largest capital infrastructure project in the city’s history.”

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The borrowing bylaw is also a step for the city to deter possible fines Lloydminster could face if the plant is not built, as well as possible jail time for city officials.

“I have a directive, a letter that we’ve received at city council that clearly states this is the options the federal government has,” says Aalbers. “My concern is that sooner or later someone is going to be held account by the federal government because that’s what they like to do to demonstrate that they’re moving through on their agenda.”

The letter states the completion date for the project to be December 31, 2020. Aalbers says as it stands right now that date is not possible to have the plant built and fully operational, however, the $40 million loan is a step in the right direction.

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