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Lloydminster RCMP see Crime reduction as an important focus

Crime reduction continues to be a focus in Lloydminster. Alberta RCMP launched a $10 million dollar crime reduction strategy in the spring that is starting to see results.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Alberta RCMP announced the mid-year report on crime reduction. The first six months of the year saw property crime down by nine per cent compared to the same time frame in 2017. Rural detachments reported an 11 per cent drop.

Lloydminster RCMP Constable Grant Kirzinger says there have been different crime reduction plans throughout the years such as hotspots, social chronic and prolific offender programs. He says there is a constant focus on reduction of property crime in the Border City.

“We’ve had different campaigns to try and provide resilience for citizens of Lloydminster. As well as to focus on specific areas and individuals that may be responsible for these activities.”

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The strategy was launched in March with focuses including enhanced intelligence and a dedication to arrest repeat offenders. There have been 648 fewer vehicle thefts, 366 fewer break-ins, and 2,358 fewer thefts in Alberta so far this year. Constable Kirzinger believes it’s important for the RCMP to share the information in order for the strategies to work effectively.

“Being on board with crime reduction strategies is extremely important. The City and RCMP both feel that its integral to the success and effective use of resources at the detachment.”




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