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Kitscoty resident looks to break Guiness World Record

Kitscoty resident Darlene Crawford is aiming to break the Guinness World Record for “Longest Kayak / Canoe Parade on Water”.

Crawford is a long time Kayaker who got the idea to break the record after seeing on Facebook that a group in Wisconsin broke the record with 150 people.

“I tracked down the Guinness Book of World Records website, made a profile and starting researching. I thought What the heck, I am pretty sure we can break this!”

The requirements for the record break include proof of participates, photos/videos of the event and the record will count the number of watercrafts, not the number of people.

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“As long as we’re in a parade formation and following a path coming on the water and coming off. Since it is a parade people are allowed to decorate their Kayaks and Canoes if need be as long it is water safe.”

Crawford requested the record break on July 11th, the approval came in for late September. Crawford decided to have the event on October 8th instead of September as she is awaiting the arrival of her grandchild and thought after Thanksgiving is perfect.

“So I thought “why not thanksgiving Monday?” When people are home for the holiday and having nothing much to do other than recover from way too much turkey.”

Crawford won’t know the exact number of participates till the day of the event. She couldn’t get people to register for the parade until she had access to Vermilion Park, which was a lengthy process. So far on the event on Facebook has 218 people interest and 20 confirmed.

“There are people who don’t have Facebook that has reached out to me by email or through friends. I have some friends in Vermilion who’s interested in going. I think we will be easily over the 152 we need to break the record.”

People will be able to drop off their equipment at the dock and then will have to park in a designated spot in the provincial park. Crawford has reached out to RCMP and the Fire Department to assist with the event where needed. Weather permitting, the event will take place on the Vermilion River at the Provincial Park on October 8th. registration will begin at 9 AM.

“It promotes the park, it promotes the river, it promotes Guinness and it promotes Vermilion. It’s just a fun thing to do with family or friends and anyone who likes to Kayak and Canoe.”





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